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a una mujer residente de san jose.a la victima la encontraron muerta esta madrugada.---"ramon adame" tiene lo mas reciente del caso y detalles del sospechoso, que sigue profugo... ra buenas noches. la policia de san jose investiga el homicidio numero 41 en lo que va del presente aÑo. la victima es una mujer. y, segun parece, la persona que cometio el homicidio permanece profugo. se trata de un hombre anglosajon tambien residente de san jose... quien fue visto en esa zona antes de ocurrir del la policia de san jose no ha aclarado si existia o no alguna tipo de relacion entre la victima y el hombre profugo. --cualquier informacion relacionada con el sospechoso reportela inmediatamente a la policia de san jose. ---desde hace varios dias, una familia hispana buscaba a su hijo, pero lamentablemente encontraron lo que menos esperaban. ---beatriz ferrari nos informa... ---la poliÍa de "dublin" pide la ayuda del Úblico para localizar a un hombre discapacitado que desaparecÓ el lunes pasado.---a "enrique pinillas", de 33 aÑos, lo vieron porÚltima vez saliendo de su trabajo en la tienda
're at the san ramon golf club. >> in just the past half hour san jose police released a photo in the suspect of a mysterious death of a woman this morning. robert handa is live in san jose where a body was found inside a home just before daylight. >> reporter: we are still here. as you can see it's very dark. investigators have been inside the house now for hours. what has changed before is now they are working a homicide with a known suspect. a short while ago police released this picture of troy nosenzo who is believed to be on the run. police won't release details. he is married to a woman who lived with him at the house for many years. the coroner's office is not releasing the victim. a 911 call was made from this house in south san jose this morning. shortly after 12:30 this afternoon the santa clara medical examiner's office was removing a body. what happened during that time is mostly a mystery. patrol units in the area at the time of the 911 were preoccupied with a series of high priority car crashes nearby. a day shift patrol that came in just before 7:00 a.m. showed up to the house
't think that happens in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this is san jose's 41st homicide of the year, the highest murder count in 15 years. police admit budget cuts are impacting the crime rate. >> i think if we have more resources available at the time, we certainly could have addressed it in a more timely manner, yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: now investigators are doing their best to find out how a woman ended up dead in this south san jose home. police are not saying whether or not they found a weapon. and they are also not saying tonight how the woman died. investigators say they plan to be out here for the next four or five hours continuing to search for evidence. reporting live in south san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. >>> police are investigating several incidents around san jose where people stole cars, then smashed them into garages. this may be the latest incident at this san jose home. it happened just after 5:00 this morning. no one was hurt. the fire department was called out to shut off the gas as a precaution. the people in the car fle
following a murder in san jose. it happened this morning at a quiet south san jose neighborhood. details coming in this evening about a possible get away car. a woman found dead inside of her home. the call came to 911 from the home itself. this is in blossom valley district. significant delay in the police response. nbc bay area's reporter has been following the story from the beginning. what do we know tonight? >> well we, have just learned, raj, police now have a murder suspect. he is 50-year-old troy nacen sdmrchltnacenzo. he lived in the home. some one called 911 at 5:38. didn't speak and hung up. when no one answered a call back from dispatch, officers showed up to the house at 6:44. nearly an hour later to investigate. >> responding to earlier this morning, prevented us coming in a timely manner to this event, was a series of accidents along santa theresa. one of the vehicles had driven into a house. >> when they did arrive, police had to wait an hour for animal control officers to remove a rotweiller and another dog so they could enter the unlocked home. that's when they found th
records of any kind relating to discussions with any other agencies. the references to the san jose city attorney's office are dated 9 months after that. but i think what is really important is that there is a, i think, a reference in an e-mail that it was mr. st craw who spoke to the city attorney about taking these cases. so what we don't know is how this magically happened, nine months later. there are also no e-mails or other written communications of any kind internally within the staff or with any of the commissioners with one exception which i will give you in a moment. so there is no way to track how this all came about. >> it is obvious that none of you were directly involved in the decision, which considering that it involved your... it had to be completely transparent and it had to be one that everybody would accept. i did find an e-mail from the chairman. it surprised me. it said, it went to mr. san croy. read shaw's complaints is there not any reason that we can't release san jose's analysis about why st san croy's allegations fall. i don't know much about ethics but i know
of questions about your response. does that mean... are you aware of whether the san jose ethics commission has ever handled either on an advisorry basis or otherwise complaint referal from the different jurisdictional agencies? >> i have staffed the san jose election commission from 2008 and we have not ever accepted any such referals. >> has the elections commission made any referals themselves for matters to be handled by a agency outside of san jose? >> the election commission procedures and i think that our ethics ordinance do have some provisions for making referals. but that is generally in the nature of the district attorney office or their political practice commission. it would be something consistent with the jurisdiction of the selection commission but might possibly be ... there may be some criminal activity or some additional allegations that related to some violations of political format. not to another agency like the san francisco ethics commission or the oakland ethics commission. >> okay. thank you. very much. >> and any other questions for miss herrick on this matter? >> no.
as acting director. >>pam: this stunning discovery san jose police are investigating the apparent murder of a woman whose body was found in ourselves side home early this morning. this appears to the 41st homicide in the year in the san jose. rob fladeboe. >>pam: rob fladeboe has more. >> we are told by neighbors that this was a married couple. they possibly live within the residence. perhaps there were rental tenants and other family members. >> the victim is being described of the as a young woman she was found inside the front door of a home here on evangeline drive in south san jose nabors hit a couple that live here had not been getting along but police could not confirm weather domestic violence is suspected or weather others a particular person of interest. they heard silence as the 911 phone call came in. >> 6:53 we saw the front door unlocked and when they try to make entrance the dogs were protected. >> police discovered the victim inside the front door of the home her body being guarded by a pair of dogs officers were responding although not right away as a result of other pri
boston, seattle, new york, oakland and san jose or santa clara mta. they all had higher scores than muni. muni was on the bottom. we included bart. since they said other systems did it we decided to look at the systems in paris france. it took months to identify the right officials and in this case either the head of operations or the systems schedulinger all but one which was new york agreed to an extensive interview by two of us and per the rules we were not identified. nevertheless of the interviews as described in the report were significant. all transit systems it became clear had multiple systems that were similar and had challenges and all needed to deal with complex traffic, scheduling, and terrain problems uniquely their own, and yet as we had known the san francisco controller's survey had shown all had higher reliability and rider seaferz than muni and we determined that all systems use switchbacks they only did so in cases of equipment break down or emergencies except for one. one system which happened to be the santa clara mta does use switch backs and interesting
and we have seen that twice already in the last decade. >> reporter: the collaboration with san jose for some of his company's success has created 60 new well paying jobs with plans for more and sparked the return of world class manufacturing back to silicon valley. >> they supported us in finding the right facility, get the permits in place in a timely fashion to meet milestones for investors and really achieve the success that we have had in a relatively short period of time. >> reporter: although unemployment is still higher than pre-recession levels, san jose is confident that silicon valley is on the comeback and the city wants to be ready when business is ready. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> new details tonight in a san jose murder mystery. police have just named a suspect. officers got a 911 call from a home on evangeline drive at 5:30 a.m. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez shows us who investigators are looking for. >> reporter: he is the man who lives in this home behind me the home where the body was found. let me show you his picture just released within the hour from the
times following petraeus career. holly raised 2 children. >>> san jose police identified a suspect in the murder of woman in san jose. here is troy police say listed on records as one of the residents of the house along with his wife but police not identified the victim yet. victim found on the 6100 block of advantage drive. police are searching for him and question about his how long it took police to get to that body. about corrina has the explanation. >>reporter: at 5:58 this morning there was a 911 hangup call from this home on this drive. communication center tried to call back but there was no answer. officers in the field had their hands full with other higher priorities calls. >> they were responding to rash of auto thefts that were in progress where the vehicles couple vehicle had been crashed into other vehicle so they had to respond to make sure that nobody was hurt in those accidents. >>reporter: when there was a shift change and more officers available san jose police went to the home directly to follow-up. it was an hour and 15 minutes after the initial hangu
to the cold. reporting live here in san jose, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> from amber we turn now to ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin on just how low the temperatures will fall tonight. bill. >> it's going to be one of the coolest nights we've seen in a while. we know that because look at the current temperatures. in santa rosa it's 38 degrees. that's 6 degrees above freezing. check out napa, they're at 42 degrees. fairfield we're 42. in san jose right now we're at 40 degrees. tomorrow morning overnight lows check it out. 32 up in santa rosa. freezing there. napa 32 as well. we will see frost in many bay area inland valleys and there will be freezing temperatures in the coolest low lying areas. one of the coolest nights we've seen in a while. cooler night as we head into sunday morning. we'll have all the details on that. all of the forecasts for the weekend coming up we'll see you in a few minutes. >> early today people in the east bay hills woke up to the sound of this. falling hail. this is what it looked like near highway 18 and olaga avenue. the pea sized hail resembling
>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, murder in a quiet san jose neighborhood. a wife dead and husband the suspect. and david petraeus resigns after admitting he had an extramarital affair. let's start with a look at the forecast. right now. here is lisa argen. >> it is nice and sunny in most areas and certainly cool out there. we are looking at a few lingering showers to sink south of the bay area. live doppler 7-hd shows some showers south of salinas. this is all in association with the cold upper-level low that continues to exit the bay area. as it does, we will see a pretty nice day today. temperatures are coming out of the 30s. we'll see 40s and 50s early on, but afternoon highs still shy of where we should be for this time of the year. we are looking at numbers in the upper 50s for afternoon highs for oakland and san jose and that brings us anywhere 10 degrees below average. another round of cool weather coming tomorrow morning and rain chances returning mid-week. >>> for many people in the bay area, this is coldest morning of the season so far. the coldest temperatur
has up to 18 inches of new snow >>> police in san jose are searching for a 50-year-old man who is suspected of killing his wife. the body of patricia nasenzo was found yesterday morning in the entryway of a house. she had a hoody around her face. there were no signs of forced entry into the home. relatives of troy and patricia nazenzo had the couple had a volatile relationship. >> i can see him getting physical, and i can see him doing things like this but i never thought it would have resulted in their marriage. i do know that somebody, a woman was sleeping with troy. >> this is san jose's 41st homicide of the year. surpassing last year's total in approaching the 20 year record in the city. police believe the man took off in a gray chevy silverado pickup truck. the license place number is on your screen. 8l70015. san jose police are asking anyone with any information to please call them. >>> president obama says he will look out for the middle class when he talks with congress on deficit reduction and the budget. >> now, i'm open to compromise and new ideas. but i refuse to ac
't deserve to be killed. >> san jose police say someone made a 9-1-1 call from the home around 5:30 in the morning and then hung up. about an hour later harper says police found his aunt 54-year-old patricia in the home dead. detectives aren't saying how she died, but they say the suspect is her husband, 50-year-old troy edwardth acenzo. his uncle is soft spoken, but he is a black belt in martial arts. once between the two of them at home and once with harper's father who has never cared for harper or his siblings. >> why did you beat up your dad? >> to teachers and him a lesson? >> why? >> take care of your kids. why should i take care of your kids? >> neighbors say police have been there several times for problems with harper and problems between his uncle and aunt fnlt. >> police believe 50-year-old troy is driving a gray 2006 chevrolet silverado puck up truck with california license plate 8l70015. he is wanted for murder. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. the man who holds our nation's secrets abruptly resigned. cia director and retired gen
's call.san francisco. >> san jose police are looking for a man who is suspected for killing his wife and fleeing the scene. he is 50 years old and they stated that they receive a 911 call from home. officers found the victim on the floor and paramedics pronounced her dead. he may be driving a vehicle--this is their first homicide of the year. >> oakland police is looking for a suspect who killed a teenage boy. police found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds and he died on the same. so far no suspects have been identified. >> oakland officials would like to stop the federal government to take over the police department. oakland officials have filed legal papers as stated that this move was inappropriate. >> attorneys have filed for a federal takeover because they stated that the city is taking too long to prevent officer misconduct. oakland city o's attorney stated that it would be inappropriate to bring in an outsider to run an entire department. >> we are ready to step up. we will make sure that we will complete this. >> the city wants to create two positions within the departm
a conversation with him. we just got information from the san jose police department saying they have further information they are going to release within the next half hour. we'll bring you more at 6:00. >>> san francisco had thunderstorms overnight and everyone is seeing the cold temperatures. he have chief meteorologist paul deanno with what we'll get hit with next. >> it's all going to be about the cold. rain moves on the and cold air is coming in, colder tonight than this morning. april 8th the last time we were below 41 degrees in oakland. these are your lows tonight. this is what you will get up to tomorrow morning if you walk the dog early. 35, 35 degrees in santa rosa. napa 35. fremont 43. even downtown san francisco dropping down to 45. so temperatures becoming more of an issue as rain becomes less of an issue. just a few showers offshore right now and that's it. we did have stuff falling from the sky earlier this morning and in some select spots, it was snow. one of those spots mount diablo. that's where roberta gonzales is live tonight. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, paul. offic
san jose, take vo ---para inscribirse y estar en la lista de residentes que recibiran despensas de comida durante los dias festivos que se aproximan... ---las estadisticas muestran que la tasa de pobreza en el condado de santa clara esta por encima del diez porciento y mas de un 12 porciento de los ninos viven sin las necesidades mas basicas.. take sot josefina rodriguez in: 00;0053;06 --- out: 00;00;58;27 senora dice: "pues a veces no tenemos para comer y nos ayudamos con lo que nos dan aqui." sot 2: blaca garcia in: 00;01;26;01 --- out: 00;01;36;17 senora dice: "si esta dificil porque por ejemplo mi esposo ahorita no tiene trabajo y aqui me ayudo para los juguetes para mi nino, mis dos ninos que tengo." sot 3: norma chavez: in: 00;02;25;07 --- out: 00;02;28;22 senora dice: "la economia no esta ahorita para estar dando regalos y mas si son muchos ninos." vo --este aÑo, "sacred heart", entregara despensas a cuatro mil familias para el dia de gracias, otras tres mil 200 para navidad ademas de miles de juguetes para 5 mil 500 ninos... ---cabe recalcar que solamente las personas que
. a san jose building boom is about to go on steroids. >> the city wants to fast track nearly $1 billion in construction projects in coming months. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on why san jose thinks it can turn that many projects so fast. len. >> reporter: dana, there's a lot of people who feel that silicon valley is on the verge of the next big comeback and the city wants to be part of that and so they are going to stream line the permit process so they can slingshot into the future. moving at the speed of business. >> we have relatively short time scales. >> reporter: it's what helps make technology companies like solar junction a world leader. >> we manufacture the highest efficiency solar cells in the world today here in san jose. >> reporter: local government doesn't have that same reputation when it comes to speed and efficiency but that may change. >> we are moving ahead with an effort to accelerate projects. >> reporter: city council member is talking about san jose's big new push to streamline its economic development
, murder in a quiet san jose neighborhood. a wife dead. and her husband, the suspect. we will hear from the young man they raised. cia director david petraeus resigned after admitting that he had an extramarital affair. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. good chilly saturday morning to you. let's check with happening with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. a beautiful shot but we have a frost advisory for the mountains and valleys of the north bay. here downtown temperatures in the 40s. a little wind allowing for the milking to keep the air a little bit warmer. but take a look at our north bay numbers. 33 in santa rosa. you were down to 32 last hour. 35 in napa. so for sure some of these areas could be looking at the frost for the next several hours. it will take about 8:00 until we warm up. but with the warm spot and the wind, west wind at about 15, oakland is at 51 degrees. we will look for more sunshine, isolated shower this morning, especially along the shoreline. but the numbers will warm back near 60 and then we will cool again with the possibility of more frost
to the ice rink, the afternoon there going to be sunny and cool. 61 san jose. 62 morgan hill. afternoon breeze from the northwest, from five to 15 miles an hour. that could add to the cooling as well. definitely keep that jacket handy for the weekend. 30s as we start the morning, upper other's, low 60's in the afternoon. partly cloudy on monday. slightly warmer into tuesday. that next round of rain comes your way. we will track thawing now and then. if you are going to be out and about i have the lunchtime numbers coming up. >> the rain, let's talk about the snow because the sierra is covered in snow this morning. let's take you out there. check that picture out. a late fall season storm has dumped up to a foot and half of snow in some areas. the picture you are looking at it live from the caltrans traffic camera on interstate 80 at soda springs. that's the eastbound direction but you can see the westbound on top of as they move along up there. they are going very slow. obviously when you have a road that looks like that things can look dangerous and temperatures were well below freezi
processing evidence now. this is san jose's 41 homicide of the year, surpassing from all of last year. thank you. it's been a very wet, cold day. chilly weather brought snow in mount hamilton in the south bay. one inch of snow fell at the 4,000 foot elevation level. workers say this could lead to the closure of roads leading up to the summit. sÑ 4mz spotted in lower ol pictures sent to you reports!$0 by a fewer, high sierra they saw real impact from the storm. a foot snafl of snow fell overnight this, is a look at highway 50 sanlda patel has a look at how long the weather might last. >> a little bit longer. it is happening. this is a time we take1uq+ bragging rights here, we call for the possibility and snow here in local peaks. we've gotten it. we have now just start to see showers developing around the area. this is very light returns here. and i'll show you what it looks like. it's been snowing in parts of the bay area. take a look here, i'm slowing it down. you can see mount hamilton area, pink indicating a mix of rain and snow. they've seen snow already down towards monterey bay, we'r
at a home in san jose, the manhunt for the husband. >> reporter: family members have confirmed the victim is a trisha nanenzoa. they say they have enough suspect to make him a suspect in her murder and they are saying, turn yourself in. >> reporter: family members arrived at the scene only to realize their worst fears were true. >> she was a wonderful woman. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: at one time tonya and her two young boys lived in the home with her all patricia -- aunt patricia and her husband. >> i know that a whop was sleeping with troy. >> reporter: around 77:00 this morning a woman was in the intrawick a hoodie around her. >> i look at him as scum. >> reporter: they say he was a black belt in martial arts. he describe as violent fight he had. >> he threw me into the shower and i did the same. >> i want you to turn yourself in. don't take the easy way out because i know that's your next route. turn yourself in and let be everybody face what you just did to ruin our family. >> reporter: it took police two hours to get to the scene much the call first came in at about
san jose se registra otro homicidio... pitch - blanca ---se trata de una mujer que se sospecha... take map ....fue asesinada esta madrugada por su propio esposo dentro de un hogar sobre la calle "evangeline drive" hacia el sur de la ciudad. ---el hombre se dio a la fuga y las autoridades piden la ayuda del publico para encontrarlo. ---jaime peluffo nos tiene mas informacion... 0:01 0:08 0:53 1:05 1:51 2:04 take pkg la polica encontr a la vctima cerca de la entrada de esta casa en la calle evangeline drive en el sur de san jos. s.o.t. josé garcía/portavoz, policía de san josé 18:46:04 entro una llamada, pero no sé escuchó nada, llegan los oficiales a la casa y encuentran a la víctima, una señora adulta aparentemente muerta. la policia dice que hubo otras llamadas de robos con informacin especfica y le dieron prioridad a los esos incidentes.. la polica lleg a las 6:50 de la maÑana, una hora y 12 minutos despus de la llamada al 911. s.o.t. josé garcía/ 18:55:05 los oficiales al inicio piensan que es una situación de una emergencia médica, pero después de que investigan deter
that is from the san jose city attorney does not... is not detailed in our discussions. david pilpal and i agree on almost nothing. and he has extensive experience with that sunshine ordinance. and he sat on the task force before and he has been through many, many origins of it and he had brought to your attention, again, the same thing that we discussed. that there is some correspondence in there that does not fall under the investigatory process that the city claims everything is under there. and indeed, doctor kerr brought up again, but in some instances they just wanted to know if anything had been done, they wanted some dates. there was money that was found indeed to be missing and it was replaced. and the people who found it to be missing we have no idea what happened to them. but the doctors who found that it was missing, are wanting to find out some pieces of information because they were retaliated against or they believe that they were retaliated against. just two just very different people from the sunshine ordinance task force who sat through many hearings or just describing to
other and there are more problems. she didn't deserve to be killed. >> san jose police say someone made a 9-1-1 call from the home around 5:30 in the morning and then hung up. about an hour later harper says police found his aunt 54-year-old patricia in the home dead. detectives aren't saying how she died, but they say the suspect is her husband, 50-year-old troy edwardth acenzo. his uncle is soft spoken, but he is a black belt in martial arts. once between the two of them at home and once with harper's father who has never cared for harper or his siblings. >> why did you beat up your dad? >> to teachers and him a lesson? >> why? >> take care of your kids. why should i take care of your kids? >> neighbors say police have been there several times for problems with harper and problems between his uncle and aunt fnlt. >> police believe 50-year-old troy is driving a gray 2006 chevrolet silverado puck up truck with california license plate 8l70015. he is wanted for murder. reporting live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. the man who holds our nation's secrets abruptly re
choices. >> justice on hold, three years after a san jose teen's family is still waiting for the suspects to stand trial. >> yes, they are still waiting for justice, tomorrow marks a painful anniversary, that is when 15-year-old michael russell was killed in his own back yard, two teens were arrested, who were once his classmates. three years after the crime, they're adults and have yet to stand trial. we talked to the family on the eve of the vigil. >> every day is a tough day for the russell family, but especially this time of year. november is when the family found the santa teresa teen dead. >> he didn't get to may choices or choose his own destiny. >> and now they want to find justice for their nephew, michael. >> he was just always so pleasant to be around. he was quiet, easy-going, always considerate. >> reporter: that is why it is difficult waiting for the day for them to stand trial. >> you're upset, depressed, they have taken from us already, and they continue to take over and over and over again. >> reporter: michael was found stabbed to death in his family's back yard in novem
>> in the news this saturday morning, murder in a quiet san jose neighborhood. a wife dead. and her husband, the suspect. we will hear from the young man they raised. general david petraeus resigns after admitting he had an extramarital affair. happy saturday. let's start at a look at the f. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, terry. it is a cold start. in fact, we're are talking about temperatures right at freezing this morning in san francisco. significantly warmer, but if we take a look outside, you will notice that we're down to 32 degrees santa rosa, 34 in napa, 48 downtown with 50 in oakland. so these numbers will continue to drop for the next several hours. we are talking about another chilly start to the day tomorrow. so we've got the cold air mass in place. in fact, a few isolated showers are lingering along the shoreline. we can't rule out that either but we will get into more sunshine in the afternoon. mid-50s to about 60 and a cold evening ahead. it looks like our seven day outlook is featuring more rain showers, as well. terry. >> lisa, thanks a lot. this morn
on the delay by police in responding to the scene. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the city attorney in oakland has finalled papers opposing a federal takeover of the oakland police department. the plaintiffs have asked for a court appointed receiver to take over the department because they claim the department hasn't fulfilled all the requirements. the city attorney says appointing a receiver would be inappropriate and might make it harder for the city to comply. >>> police today arrested two people suspected in the killing of a man. investigators say felicia viscania and joshua perry shot vaugn walker after an argument over money. walker died shortly afterward at the hospital. it's unclear how the suspects knew walker. both suspects are expected to be charged with murder. >> one that has taken over america's economic debate is the fiscal cliff. it's the drastic automatic spending cuts and tax cups that will take effect. a washington correspondent explains the sense of urgency. >> reporter: now that the election is over this is washington's next fight. tackling
change, more officers available, san jose police went to the home directly to follow up. it was an hour, 15 minutes after the initial hang ups.
are investigated. >>> we have new information concerning a suspect in a homicide violation in san jose. someone called 911 after 5:30 this morning. that call hung up before an operator could answer. patrol officers were busy with car crashes, just after seven clock they arrived at home it -- seven clock they arrived at home. it was another hour until they want in as they waited for animal control to move the dog. >> i pushed the dog open, a female in need of medical attention. >> the dead woman's name has not been released but tonight the police release this photo of the suspect, 50-year-old troy nesendo who lived at that home with his wife. he believed to be driving a gray pick up truck. the homicide rate is now at a 15 year high. >>> new at accept clock, with popularity riding -- new at 7:00, with popularity riding high with a new movie, surfers are kicking off the surf contest. >> reporter: it is days away. maverick season is open. the ocean was calm on this perfect day to start the surf contest season. big wave surfers came from all over the world to celebrate the 5 month window open. it w
systems that use it and they have talked to them and all except san jose, santa clara don't use them so are there other transit systems that you're specifically aware that do and question seems like they never got that information and wanted to ask you about that? >> yes. i can speak to from first hand experience on a couple of those i was the general manager in boston at there and i am aware of the operating practices there, and it's beston and pick the government center and the green line -- several lines go into the green line and trains frequently switched there. that is just one example. we also reached out after we saw the initial report that said that others did not do switchbacks. we reached out to other transit systems that we listed in our response that owls do switchbacks so again the same caveat. all of the other transit systems will tell you would they prefer not to do switchbacks? yes they would. in some cases, in the case of bart they have tracks and they can do other things but they also do switch backs and schedule them everyday as well, so in our view and base some
area news group." paul rogers, environment writer for "san jose mercury news." and carla marinucci, "san francisco chronicle," senior political reporter. carla, you get to have all the fun. you were in chicago on tuesday night. tell us what was it like. were people surprised at the close, the short drama? >> well, you know, belva, we were in the snoechs the snoeno hampshire, you know how dramatic it was all the way through. just amazing to be there on that final night. this was a much different election night than 2008, when 250,000 people greeted this sort of landmark moment. barack obama is more weathered, he's -- >> belva: graying. >> graying, but boy, the -- the democrats there, it was just pandemonium. and i think -- this time, it was tears of relief. instead of joy. that this contest has been so tough, so expensive and so important in so many ways and we saw it so negative that i think people are glad it's over, but to be there and to watch the president give that address and we heard him today in washington talking about what happens now in this country. i think the republi
ciudades ---en san jose investigan el homicidio numero 41 en lo que va del año. todos sabemos que el perro es el mejor amigo del hombre, pero que pensaria cuando es un ave que no se aparta de su lado, vamos a el salvador a conocer una linda periquita >>panchita es una linda periquita muy inteligente, cuentan que hace unos años atrás cientos de pericos iban volando y quiza ella iba enferma o cansada y no pudo seguir más >>ella cayo muerta en la cancha, muerta, me la lleve en al mercado, le puse agua y revivió >>a partir de entonces esta periquita se quedo con don inocente, pese a que él la dejo libre. >>le dije andate, andate y voló. hizo el intento y la llame luego. a la segunda vez que lo hice, se vino >>don inocente trabaja en la alcaldia, hasta ahí llega panchita todas la mañnaas, en el pueblo hasta la policía la conocen. >>en la alcaldia también la admiran, >>si viene a la alcaldia ella lo espera fuera, hasta que él sale >>eso si, tiene un genio endiablado y siempre esta lista para defendera su amo >>el amo es el único que puede tocarla >>y si alguien del sexo opuesto se l
in a san jose murder case, police issued a photo of a man name aid suspect. >> abc 7 news follows up on evacuation of a peninsula hotel tonight. the doctor whose miracle diagnosis triggered this whole thing. >> there are winter like weather continues, cold air and scattered showers. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> with vet trn's day approaching an investigation reveals the wait bay area vets must endure just to get help they're due. >> and that breaking news is happening the south bay. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. police looking for this man, they named him as a suspect. the 50-year-old was accused of killing a 54-year-old woman this morning. is he listed on records as living at that moment with his wife, but investigators are not yet identifying the victim. police received a hang up call from the house around 5:30 this morning. dispatchers tried calling back, took the department anr to send an officer to check the home out. >> respond owing a rash of auto thefts in progress. the vehicles have been crashed into other vehicles. they had to respond to make
with 58 in san jose. more sunshine here, not warming up. 57 to monterey. 58 in gilroy. possibility in the seven-day of more showers. >> terry: thanks very much. "abc 7 news" at 8:00 is next.
. this is cold. we have a frost advisory through 9:00 and 32 in gilroy. 42 in san jose and showers mainly near the ocean. we will see a chance of showers through the morning and still plenty of he? in the sierra. temperatures around the bay area across the board mid- to upper 50s. tomorrow should be a little bit warmer. 60s and showers out of the forecast with the showers out of the week and coming back on wednesday. >>> that means that tomorrow night is sunday night, football night in america, and we're taking you to chicago. could be the first time on sunday night football this year that weather is going to play a factor. the texans taking on the bears, showers, heavy rain, thunderstorms possible, and temperatures will start off okay, but they will fall before the end of the game. lester? >> that's bear weather. thanks. up next, saving money by making your groceries last longer. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it r
. californians dictate their preference for -- preferences, but it will force hard choices over time. san jose and pensions. pensions were consuming over 20% of the budget, and a democratic mayor said we have to fix this or we could not provide basic services like fire fighters and police. the voters did, but those are situations forced by circumstance. i think we all agree it is hard politically but circumstances can force you into that. >> hiking circumstances can set the table. i think wisconsin is instructive. if you think about at 10, scott walker's reforms, in dialling back collective bargaining, they left in place existing agreements. what you saw in states that complained that their hands were tied was school boards and superintendents rush to reissue contracts. milwaukee public schools, for instance, cost to itself hundreds of millions of dollars it could put into construction in classrooms instead to pay retirement benefits and health care. part of what will happen is there will be a structural squeeze, but it both very much come down to what leaders actually do, and what decisions t
's the one james, san jose california, you're on with author kenneth davis. >> caller: good morning, mr. davis. mr. davis, you mentioned columbus discovering the new world, but i read that the vikings were it the first on the east coast. and before them came a navigator from ireland. do you have any historical the information on these two? >> guest: short. i address both of those questions in don't know much about geography. one is much more easily incident the other because certainly the vikings were here, when i say here, in north america close of 500 years before columbus arrived. the site of the viking village that they left behind has been excavated. it is now a unesco world heritage site up in newfoundland so that evidence is quite clear and overwhelming. the part of the story that connects to columbus, however, was always the idea that, perhaps, there was some way that columbus knew about the vikings having sailed here. there was even a map that later proved to be a fraud that was said to be something columbus had. there is no evidence to suggest that columbus knew about the viki
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